A Language of Light

Italian lighting brand Artemide, renowned for its design, quality and innovation, has created its own language of light in collaboration with Danish architecture and design firm, BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group).

Alphabet of Light is comprised of a series of wall-mounted letters that are formed from curved and linear elements of LED strip light. A fine display of mechanical innovation; each strip light is connected using electromagnets to allow for quick reconfiguration of the lamp, making assembly easy for the user.

When illuminated, the system’s entire inner workings and joints are concealed, leaving only a minimalist and elegant product on display. Made with ground breaking high-tech, patented optoelectronics, Alphabet of Light emits a smooth, even light which can travel up to a maximum of five metres along the connected elements.

An abacus of essential geometries that can be rearranged to form letters or words as well as graphic signs, Alphabet of Light is a bespoke typeface that translates into light; an alphabet to express one’s thoughts or a tool to give shape to spaces.

These simple base modules, with specific geometric proportions, can be combined with one another to create countless basic or more complex, linear or curved structures of light.  Components are available in different sizes meaning the light can be customised and scaled to fit different walls, ceilings or spaces within minutes.

To learn more about Alphabet of Light, visit www.artemide.com

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