in.Design Magazine

Interior design is a dynamic industry, reflecting both fashion and lifestyle. in.Design is a monthly print magazine for the interior design profession which puts the readers at the heart of every edition, focusing on the topics and issues they find important.

Each month our editorial team looks at interior design both in the UK and globally with features reflecting all aspects of interior design. Our regular features include:

in.Vogue: a look at trends and fashions, with comments from the designers and manufacturers in the know

in.Show: previews of all the major design exhibitions

in.View: the latest news and comment from the BIID

in.Her/His Life: our highly popular Week in the Life series

in.Sight: a top designers talks us through ‘how I met the brief’ in this compelling case study series

in.Dustry News:  what is trending within Commercial and Hospitality design

in.Design is no ‘product catalogue’ – it is a compelling and entertaining professional journal!