Since 1990 LINAK™ has helped redefine modern workplace interiors by developing electrical height adjustment for office desks and workstations worldwide – often in close collaboration with manufacturers or external interior designers.

In addition to the extensive product portfolio of high quality actuators and columns, LINAK defines new benchmarks with technologies like PIEZO™ and ZERO™ and by striving to increase the use of PVC-free materials in our products.

In the furniture market where have LINAK™ seen the largest growth?
Historically LINAK UK’s largest market has been specialised furniture, including Trading desks, Education and Control Rooms. However, there has been a major shift towards the higher volume standard office furniture market.

What is the growth due to?

The UK is starting to see an increase in the amount of companies who are focusing on employee welfare. Sit/Stand desks are becoming more accessible, and by providing employees with access to these desks companies are able to adapt working styles and give employees the freedom to move during working hours.

Providing employees with equipment to support their wellbeing in the workplace is paramount. Sit/Stand desks help to reduce absenteeism and improves the effects of presenteeism – improving employees’ focus and concentration, and employees value their employer investing in them.

There has also been a lot of coverage surrounding movement at work and the introduction of sit/stand desks in the UK press. Research studies have also been conducted around the subject – starting interesting debates around the health effects on individuals and the change in working culture it allows.

There are lots of features in your products – how do these benefit the user?

Companies installing sit/stand desks using LINAK™ products will be able to offer their employees the same user experience globally. Individual settings are stored in the DESK CONTROL™ App and are recognised by the latest innovative range of handsets. This is enabled through Bluetooth connectivity between your mobile device and desk controls.

It also provides the employee with the ability to work across environments within an office space to enable fluid group work, individual work, and focused work in quiet areas.

Individuals are able to set goals regarding standing time and calories burnt enabling them to use their desk as part of their healthy lifestyle. The desk control also enables individuals to build their usage time enabling them to adapt their goals to ability levels.

Why do companies choose to work with LINAK?

LINAK are a global supplier of products and we offer technical support worldwide. LINAK also continually develops new innovative products and systems to meet the demands of current market requirements. Customers who export from the UK receive the same level of support.

As well as a sales team based in the UK, LINAK UK Ltd also offers technical, aftersales support and local warehouse facilities.

LINAK™ is the global leading electric linear actuator manufacturer, with the company split into four main business areas – DESKLINE®, HOMELINE®, TECHLINE® and MEDLINE&CARELINE®.
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