Curve Appeal

Fielding-Smith Furniture is a new company, recently started in the West Midlands. The owner, Douglas Fielding-Smith, lives in Birmingham and has a workshop in Redditch.

Douglas Fielding-Smith taught Resistant Materials in a secondary school for a number of years, and finally started up the business last year, producing furniture made from bent wood, laminates and hardwood.

The flexibility of allowing the user a variety of colours to choose from in the laminates, as well as choice of beech or oak, gives the user an individual piece of furniture to suit their needs. It allows the purchaser of the furniture to tailor the design so that it fits in with their décor.

While bespoke design can be very expensive, Fielding-Smith Furniture offers the customer the options to choose their own colours and woods. This flexibility allows the customer to purchase an individual piece.

Fielding-Smith Furniture offers functional pieces of furniture that can be used day to day. While offering quirkiness, bold lines and curves, the furniture also offers a usability; a functionality that requires the user to interact with the furniture.

The furniture produced goes against the uniformity of mass market products. This occurs in the both the design and materials used in the products’ manufacture, with the curves used in the designs offering a subtle yet functional edge to the furniture.


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