Award-winning interior designer consultancy Carden Cunietti have announced a power committee who will join them in making Spring Clean their inaugural charitable event with Kids Company to be held later this May a success.

Lending their weight to the project so far are Lee Broom, Martin Brudnizki, Nina Campbell, Joel Bernstein, Danielle Proud, Jonathan Kelsey, James and Hannah Plumb (James Plumb), Chris Bracey (Gods Own Junkyard) and Mark Gillette.

A three-day pop-up shop will be held at the London Newcastle exhibition space on Redchurch Street in Shoreditch, London from 30th May to 1st June 2014. The pop-up will feature one-off steals such as bespoke and prototype pieces by Martin Brudnizki and lighting by Lee Broom and chandelier designer Emerald Faerie. Three original neon pieces will be created especially by artist, Chris Bracey and lucky shoppers will also be able to choose fabrics from Vivienne Westwood’s archives alongside vintage and antique pieces as well as original art and photography.

Items will include an enormous red artisan rug from Tufenkian, prints by Corinne Day and Jane Hilton as well as items donated by cutting-edge designer brands as well as the odd VIP and celebrity. Audrey Carden explains, “The best part is, people really will be able to pick-up bargain items at this three-day interiors extravaganza. We really want to make money for the charity so we’re happy to part with an enormous rug that costs thousands. Better someone buys it for £1,000 than have it back in our storeroom as a £14K dust collector. All the stock will be premium, bespoke or luxury items but they’ll come with a reasonable price tag. The pieces are so good, we expect them to fly out of the space, so getting that standout piece will be a matter of timing. Stock will be continuously replenished.”

The event will be opened by Camila Batmanghelidhj, the founder of Kids Company, a charitable organization that provides practical emotional and educational support to vulnerable children and young adults. For Audrey Carden and Eleanora Cunietti, the Kids Company seemed like the obvious choice. After spending their entire career creating beautiful living environments, it made sense to them to work with a charity that supports children who face challenges within their homes and neighbourhoods.

Regarding her work with Kids Company, Nina Campbell has said, “Camila has thrown herself into this heaven of glitter, sparkle and magic. The other day she was wearing a purple turban and had all these fabulous bits hanging off her and I said to her, “I’d really love to make you into a wallpaper.” There is nothing grey, brown or taupe about her; if you’re a child from a grim background and you walk into Camila’s life, it’s a blaze of colour and beacon of hope. I think I’ll work for her until the day I drop dead.”

Kids Company supports 36,000 vulnerable children and young people in deprived inner city areas. Many of the children who self refer to their centres have no-one to provide for them and many don’t get enough to eat and are under-nourished. Every week the charity provides meals for over 2,000 children for which they have to raise £1 million a year.

Venue: London Newcastle Project Space, 28 Redchurch Street, London, E2 7DP /

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