Hotel At Home!

There is no better room to get creative and demonstrate form meeting function, style meeting substance, than the bathroom.

The trend for creating a boutique, hotel-style bathroom in one’s own home has resulted in people increasingly looking for products that provide the ultimate touch of luxury and style.

“A beautiful, freestanding, stone bath instantly brings a distinctive, designer edge to the bathroom, and offers the ultimate luxurious bathing experience,” said Anthony Smith, Director, Waters Baths of Ashbourne ( “Typically associated with luxurious hotels, a freestanding bath makes a real statement.”

Making the best use of space is the most important consideration when choosing a freestanding bath. A beautiful luxury and not the typical feature found in a standard bathroom, freestanding baths need spacious bathrooms with plenty of room to walk around.

“People want to create a calm and tranquil environment in their bathrooms, which has led to demand for organic shapes and natural finishes such as stone,” Anthony told us. “Our premium stone baths are made from our unique DQ Cast material, which features crushed quartz and limestone, and have a hand polished matt white finish.”

Offering the ultimate, luxurious bathing experience, a stone bath brings a distinctive edge to the bathroom and provides a focal point that will impress anyone who visits. Smooth to the touch, stone baths retain heat, allowing you to enjoy a deeply immersed, warm bath.

“There have been some big changes in freestanding bath design recently,” said Sven Rensinghoff, Head of Marketing, Bette ( “Bette pushes the boundaries of what it’s possible to achieve and we recently launched two of our most innovative freestanding baths to date.”

The fabric upholstered BetteLux Oval Couture brings the sensuous quality of fabric to the bathroom, while the eye-catching Loft Ornament with geometric embossing demonstrates the tremendous adaptability of glazed titanium steel.

“Colour is becoming more important in the bathroom, but often features in a subtle way,” Sven added. “In addition to the option to add colour through our enamel finish, Bette is providing other ways to add colour, such as the six colour choices in the steel frame of the BetteLux Shape freestanding bath.”

Adam Teal, Head of Sales UK, Kaldewei (, is seeing an increased leaning towards less restrictive more free flowing products, such as washbasins on the surface of consoles becoming more of a design feature within the bathroom. Kaldewei’s new Miena washbasin bowls, designed by Anke Salomon, suit this trend.

“Available in round and square models, they are free standing and not restricted to the dimensions of the bathroom furniture,” described Adam. “They appear fine edged and delicate, but are made with a superior single layer of steel enamel and come in 12 exclusive shades allowing for greater individuality. The Miena washbasin bowls can be combined and colour matched with a wide range of bathtubs and enamelled shower surfaces from the Kaldewei portfolio – entirely in keeping with the ‘Perfect Match’ approach.”

Bathroom trends in 2017 seen by Roman ( include the introduction of colour in the bathroom with brushed nickel, matt black and other colours emerging.

“Shower Trays are now not only functional but also fashion-led with our Anti-slip Trays in a stylish matt white or matt grey colour at an ultra-low level of 50mm,” said David Osborne, Roman’s Managing Director. “Printed glass is also a continuing bathroom trend in 2017, where any design concept can be achieved on wetroom panels for example, with Roman’s Decem Expressions (digitally printed glass capability).

“Inclusivity is a big trend in the bathroom, creating a bathroom suitable for the whole family to use. We have produced a collection of Level Access Sliding Doors, where the bottom rail has been eliminated to provide true level access entry into the showering area.”

The world’s most prestigious hotels are leading the modular bathroom trend, which we are now starting to see filter into the domestic bathroom.

“The modular bathroom introduces straightforward installation and moves away from grouting; presenting a bathroom that is easy to clean and maintain,” said David. “Minimalism and clean lines form the standard design with the many different style options incorporating the latest interior design trends. They provide more functionality with shelving and storage built in and options such as having seating incorporated, which leads to a more inclusive design for all demographics. Many style choices are possible with a plethora of materials, colours and textures available.”

Bette’s customers are now choosing their steel/enamel shower trays in colours to match wooden, stone or tile flooring, with 40% choosing a matt finish.

“The latest developments in shower trays and floors also include solutions that increase the durability and ease of cleaning of shower trays, such as upstands for no silicone where the product meets the wall,” said Sven. “We have seen a growing demand for flush to floor shower areas, since we launched the first flush-to-floor steel/enamel shower floor ten years ago. This is because they are so easy to use for everyone, from families to those who are less able, and they also look stylish and modern. Customers are choosing them in ever-larger sizes, and, since we launched our barely visible BetteAntiSlip Pro, we are seeing a considerable increase in customers selecting anti-slip, because it does not impact on the stylish look of the shower floor.”

Adam agrees. “In terms of expansion the replacement market has seen marked growth in the demand for larger ‘bath sized’ shower trays,” he said. “Kaldewei’s new Cayonoplan is an excellent solution, replacing the footprint in a bathroom where the bath would have been. Cayonoplan can be quickly and easily installed in low profile scenarios, and flush to floor installation is also possible. Available in 19 different dimensions the Cayonoplan provides a practical solution to suit all bathroom space requirements.”

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