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IMAGE:  Photograph by Jake Fitzjones


Interior designer Maurizio Pellizzoni (pictured) has design in his DNA. It’s no surprise, as he grew up near Lake Como and comes from a family who work in the business. Since founding his consultancy Maurizio Pellizzoni Ltd in 2007, he has applied his Italian appreciation of style and design to a range of residential and commercial projects. Based in the Chelsea Design Quarter, Maurizio Pellizzoni Ltd has many of Europe’s best suppliers and services on its doorstep and over the years Maurizio has fostered relationships with the most highly skilled builders, architects and specialists in the field.


Maurizio completed a BA in Interior Architecture at London Metropolitan University and is a member of the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID). Maurizio Pellizzoni Ltd has received awards from SBID, the ID&A Awards, the International Design Awards and the International Property Awards.


Colbourns is a luxury carpet and rug company with projects ranging from listed buildings and hotels to large-scale contemporary residential spaces and new build apartments on an international scale. After acquiring a brand new 1940 sq. ft. showroom space, and as advocators of Maurizio’s work, it was a natural choice to enlist his skillset to design the new space.


Colbourns work closely with interior designers to create beautiful, bespoke rugs and carpets for all types of projects, emulating the surroundings to develop a piece that is perfectly integrated within the interior setting. Colbourns product displays were originally spread across three very different showrooms, so it was important to create a space that would accommodate the extensive product range in one environment for each customer’s journey.


The brief was simply to create a luxury showroom that reflected the new brand image and for this to be translated in the space. They needed a space to celebrate their different manufacturing sectors; hand tufted and machine-made products. They wanted to create a studio for the design team that encompassed the way the team works together and envisaged a space that would be a pleasure to walk into with clean lines, a riot of colour and inspiration, with a library that designers could use as their resource.


Maurizio set out to create a contemporary style using simple materials, from the polished concrete floor to the exposed ventilation systems for an industrial setting. He combined this with an art gallery concept by removing all of the rugs from the floor in the main area and installing a grand scale rug near the entrance, with an abundance of samples running along the full length of the showroom on painted white shelves that serve as a natural background.


The interchangeable rugs that hang on the opposite wall beautifully determine the ambiance of the showroom from season to season. The base of the interior scheme was designed to be as soft as possible and Maurizio chose a simple palette so not to detract the attention away from the focal point of the rugs on display.


The customer journey has been a key focus for Maurizio’s design. The space has been carefully divided to strip back the clutter that had encroached on previous showroom spaces but more importantly, to direct the customer on a journey for choosing a new rug for their home or for the many interior designers using Colbourns for their project. Private residential and trade clients are now able to choose their products in a very well organised, calm and inviting environment.


Premium materials harnessing a rough luxe aesthetic from concrete and marble to the industrial fabric that upholsters the furniture has resulted in a showroom design that eloquently marries industrial cool with luxurious elegance. The entrance desk was a challenging aspect to the design as Maurizio wanted to create something that welcomed customers in from Lots Road, whilst installing a luxurious feature. He chose a beautiful marble from Spain to clad the desk, which is the first thing seen by clients entering the showroom.


All of the joinery was meticulously designed by Maurizio to display an array of samples that were easily accessible. As part of the customer journey, geometric lines characterise the space for a clean look that keeps the drawers symmetrical with the shelving displays. The joinery was spray painted in a matt finish to keep the consistency of an industrial look. Grey was chosen for the work surfaces to visually create a division and to also highlight the usable space against the white displays.


“Having worked with Maurizio as one of our own clients, we knew that he would be the perfect interior designer to bring our new design vision to life,” said Eloise Holland, Creative Director at Colbourns. “Maurizio took everything into consideration, from the matters that were important to incorporate with how we work as a business to how the customers journey would be guided through our showroom.


“His attention to detail has been extremely impressive from the initial joinery plans to the final finishing touches. His care, creativity and problem solving during the entire project was fantastic and I can’t rate him highly enough.”


Maurizio has streamlined the original three showrooms into one beautiful space that has the ability to showcase their entire range to their diverse customer demographics. Two large mobile islands displaying pom-pom samples and a separate meeting area allow for multiple clients to sit in a comfortable space to discuss their needs and look at all of their options. The existing floors were stripped back to the concrete and carefully polished and buffed. For the two internal design studios, Maurizio chose an industrial carpet to create a visual division from the main showroom.


The main challenge was to fit the different sectors of the business into one showroom. To carve up the floor space was the first challenge, but a very open dialogue between Colbourns and Maurizio has meant that they have used each square metre to the best of its ability.


As much natural light as possible and a large window wraps around the corner of the showroom offering outsiders a view of the entire space drawing to the focal rug at the other end by the entrance. A glass partition wall was installed for the staff office area, which has created a more quiet and relaxing environment to co-work in, with the transparency of the showroom creating a feeling of being in the expansive space.


With the customer journey at the core of Maurizio’s design, the new showroom harnesses a gallery style in a calm, elegant environment that’s much more easy to navigate around. Creating a boutique feel in a large space, the new design allows for Colbourns wide portfolio to be brought together under one roof to serve both trade and consumer customers effectively. Colbourns very much wanted the final finish to have a gallery feel, but an interactive gallery, where everything can be touched, moved and altered when they needed. This has been achieved in every sense from the riot of colours in the samples and rugs creating inspiration, to the moveable furniture and the clean lines of the joinery that maintains a structure, creating a perfect balance in the showroom.


“Overall we have achieved the brief that we set out to do,” added Eloise. “During the finishing stages of hanging rugs, storing boxes, putting away samples and even sorting out the kitchen, I have come to realise that Maurizio and I thought of everything, for everything! Maurizio has listened to our needs and subsequently things have been built that way, painted like that and are lit in that manor. It was my first time managing a project like this but Maurizio’s experience, knowledge and patience has really pulled the whole thing together with a fantastic result.


“Maurizio’s attention to detail has been what has stood out the most for me, which goes hand in hand with his dislike for any ‘it will do’ attitude from external contractors. Maurizio has high standards, which worked well for us in our quest for a high-end, luxury showroom.


“We love the industrial nature of the ceiling and flooring in Maurizio’s ‘Shoreditch Loft’ project which was something that we wanted to emulate in our new showroom. We think that this comes across quite well in our finished space, where we have chosen to expose the tracking, lighting and heating/cooling systems in the ceiling.


“Maurizio’s vision of making sure that our rugs took centre stage in the new space, like a gallery, has most definitely been brought to life. We love the rugs that are hung up on the walls all framed with a deliberate border that was thought up during the space planning.”


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