Lighten Up (& Down)!

Lighting installation costs can be reduced, with John Cullen Lighting’s new easy install downlights…

John Cullen Lighting’s much-loved range of high-end downlights have just become that bit easier to specify with two new additions, a fire rated accessory and a twist and lock system. Both will save your electrician time, reducing installation costs for you and your clients.

Firstly fireboxes and fire hoods will be products of the past with this new fire rated accessory. It is available with all John Cullen Lighting’s round downlights and is easy to install with just two screws. The fire accessory is ideal when fire rating is required for both new builds and refurbishments alike and will maintain a period of fire resistance of 60 minutes as per Building Regulation requirements.

Secondly, the LED Polespring now comes with a new twist and lock system when using John Cullen Lighting’s new LED engine. The new (Patent Pending) system will enable the LED engine to be installed in the downlight without the need for a screwdriver. This will be rolled out through their range of downlights during the remainder of 2017.

On top of this they have updated their LED engines to further enhance light output, colour temperature and beam angles. Their LED downlights, including the popular Polespring, use a single chip and optic to now achieve a focused 10°, 26° and 36° even beam of light to suit whatever you are lighting. You can also be reassured of excellent colour rendition of your art, furnishings and fabrics, with a high CRI of over 90.

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