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Centrally located in the UK, LSE Lighting is a unique ISO9001 certified lighting design and manufacturing company which offers specialist lighting design for both the commercial and residential sectors.
LSE are always pushing the boundaries, trying out new finishes, materials and techniques every day to produce unique products. Drawing on design, influence, trends, product and market knowledge as well as perfecting individuality, LSE prides itself on inspirational lighting design solutions reflecting quality and personality that is aesthetically appealing to enhance any lighting scheme.

Our focus is to ensure lighting design works from the inside out giving consideration to architecture, visual appeal, and day-to-day practicalities such as the importance and impact of light on a space and how that space will be used both in terms of form and function.
LSE Lighting has worked with some of the world’s biggest names, such as BMW, British Museum, and Vodafone. We have a fantastic portfolio that certainly solidifies our talent and skill in the lighting design industry. We are a vibrant and enthusiastic team who are always thriving to innovate and impress!

LSE have created beautiful lighting effects for many high calibre projects:

British Museum Room 33, London
LSE teamed up with ZNA Studios and Nissen Richards Studio to design something trend-setting and ahead of the game. London’s British Museum now features interesting, beautiful and elegant frameless stone glass pendants, designed to diffuse and illuminate focal points giving visitors the best possible light allowing them to browse and admire history at their own leisure. These gorgeous pendants bring to the room, a warm and inviting sensation leaving no room for disappointment.

These pendants feature a texture from our new selection of finishes and textures, LSE have been working hard to get ahead, offering an abundance of metal finishes and textures giving our products a unique feel and look, putting us at the top of bespoke lighting design.

Australian High Commission, London
LSE partnered with Studio 29 to create some spectacular fittings for the renovation of Australian High Commission in London. Capturing the building’s warm aesthetic was key to this project; making guests feel invited and comfortable was fundamental to the building’s interior. Large stylistic oval-shaped suspension lights glow beautifully above tables in the meeting room, as well as another two gorgeous round suspended fittings complementing the room’s already comfortable aesthetic.

Wagamama, UK
Designing a lighting scheme for such a popular chain served to be quite the challenge! Our intention was to create a unified theme across the entire restaurant, allowing customers to eat in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

We supplied a bespoke combination of special black and gold suspended lights, track spots and wall lights, all with discreet-dimming LED sources of light, to provide a comfortable environment for diners. Being designed and manufactured in-house makes it possible to accommodate any changes or different sizes for each individual store to be accomplished with ease. 

VIP Tunnel Club, MCFC, Manchester
The renovation of the Manchester City Football Club was no easy job. Our aim was to invoke a warm and inviting atmosphere within a very open space. The Skan pendants look beautiful hanging over the dining area, giving the space a slick and professional feel. Innovative concrete wall lights offer a unique and fresh sensation throughout the building. Interesting custom made lights hang above tables in the corner of the room granting the area a fresh and exciting ambience while maintaining its beautiful high standards.

Gatwick Champagne Bar, London
This voguish and elegant installation enkindles a chilled but professional vibe above the Crowne Plaza’s Champagne Bar in London. The stylish pendants hang gently from the perfectly laser-cut steel to complement the Plaza’s modern aesthetics.
The Spillray glass pendants vary in size and height to create a unique and exciting feel when illuminated by LEDs within the shades.

Wimpole Street, London
Three bespoke chandeliers cast from anodized aluminium with inlaid hand-carved rock crystal created a sense of drama to the spacious reception area at Wimpole Street. Inset back-lit rock crystal encased within anodized aluminium complemented the bespoke chandeliers adding a wonderful sense of warmth to the spacious reception foyer. Accent bespoke anodized aluminium tubes over the reception desk finalise the lighting scheme.

Baird House (Vodafone)
Spaces are designed so that informal social interaction is encouraged, and there is continued focus on developing a working culture that respects everyone’s working styles, personalities, and needs. Using the Wireflow, the sense of engagement and social interaction was even further supported. The Wireflow ceiling light’s connective structure motivates you to work with each other and for each other, similar to the relationships that exist in the office.

The Lighterman Bar, London
London’s Lighterman bar now features fantastic modern lighting thanks to Toscot’s modern Novecento range. Installed across the restaurant’s bar area, both the pendant and ceiling variant complements the bar’s already comfortable and warm aesthetics. Toscot’s lights make you feel right at home, whether you’re just stopping by or you’re there for a while, you won’t miss these beautiful fittings.

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