Lounge Essentials

A modern take on the classic lounge chair, Nuvem delivers the ultimate in modern lounge chair adjustability, ergonomics and contemporary comfort.

A lazy afternoon; no better a time than this to be cozied up on your favourite armchair, feet tucked under or outstretched on to the ottoman in front, engaged in a good book, surfing on a tablet or simply gazing out the window. Some may choose to rest on a sofa or armchair, book splayed out onto the armrest, others may prefer the breakfast table. No matter the method, we can all possibly agree that a dedicated reading armchair can be one of life’s little luxuries.


Since the 1950s, the Lounge Chair has provided luxurious comfort and stylish elegance, whether you’re looking to create a chilled man-cave or a refuge from the strains of modern living. The lounge chair is an ideal choice for any relaxation space and should be the most comfortable chair you have ever sat on.

The Nuvem Lounge Chair by Comfort is designed by award-winning ergonomic seating designer, Neil Wu. It draws inspiration from the classic lounge chair styling but adds ergonomic adjustability. The aluminium frame provides functional strength, visual simplicity and gives a lightweight appearance. The upholstered arm pads and wood, polished aluminium or gunmetal style frame delivers balance, elegance and comfort. The chair provides adjustable comfort with its clever recline mechanism with built-in lumbar tracking, auto-return positioning and recline memory lock. Nuvem is manufactured using the highest quality materials and technology, providing the user with unrivaled body support.

In an age where we have an increasing relationship with tablets and audiovisual equipment, the Nuvem’s notebook or tablet stand offers a comfortable place to rest devices and the ottoman offers ergonomic leg support – ideal for recline mode. The headrest also adjusts for maximum comfort.

With a choice of finishes available, there is a perfect Nuvem for every space. The elegant diamond stitch on Nuvem’s premium grade French leather combined with the choice of frame finishes, offers a classic range of styles. With so many choices in colour, you can make the chair work in any room.

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