Make It A Feature…

Designer radiators are now considered as important for interior schemes as flooring and furnishings – the ugly corrugated steel offering of old no longer cuts it! Jason Temple, Head of Sales at Feature Radiators looks at the current trends.

Radiators can be used to create a feature with a contrasting colour or bold design. Cast iron models bring authenticity to traditional themes, and sleek minimal models can be used in a matching colour to blend away into the walls. There is now a wide range of fantastic stylish and affordable options to complement any interior scheme.

The trend continues for industrial style interiors, characterised by stripped back surfaces, bare brick, concrete, rough weathered wood surfaces, salvaged objects, and exposed iron pipework or beams.

Radiators that complement this style are solid and robust in design and finished in matt or metallic paintwork or bare metal. The Core multicolumn is a classic example, available in a wide range of sizes and in electric as well as central heating formats. Its cool bare metal finish not only complements industrial interiors, but also sits well with white walls and soft woods of Scandinavian inspired spaces. The Spiro 2 with its finned tubes brings industrial chick to the party and makes an impressive statement.

Lines and shapes:

Wall saving linear vertical radiators are increasingly popular, providing a neat solution where space is limited, for example in bathrooms, hotel bedrooms, or restaurants.  Vertical  radiators also bring aesthetic advantages as they create the illusion of space, a higher ceiling and an overall less cluttered look. There are a wide range of vertical designs now available, from minimal styles to those that double up as works of art.

A simple yet stylish new offering worth checking out is the iND, with its round tubes that curve at the top and bottom. The iND has a great heat output and fits easily into an industrial or any modern interior.

Colours and finishes:

Interiors colours are confident, featuring bold shades of spicy red, ocean blue, and graphite grey. For a more subtle colour palette, the trend seems to be shifting towards soft blue-green, earthy green and taupe and light pastels in grey, yellow, aqua and pink. There is also a trend towards finishes in copper.

These colours and finishes are widely available for radiators, meaning you can tie them into the overall scheme. Strong colours are popular for large spaces such as reception areas, open-plan kitchens, or hallways, whilst subtle shades can be used to tone with interior décor for a softer feel. Multi-column radiators look stunning in a copper finish, such as the Coppa or the cast iron Forge.

The UK radiator market offers a wide choice for the architect, builder, designer and homeowner, but quality, design, and innovation are the key and, if you specify a product that not only looks stylish but performs well and will stand the test of time, then you won’t go far wrong.

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