Inspired by vintage railway lamps, Artifact Lighting offer a range of prismatic glass shades that provide stylish and practical lighting solutions to bring a timeless, vintage look to any interior.

Originally designed for industry, the glass prisms work by refracting and amplifying the light to supply an even glow, leaving no dark spots and reducing glare. Increased light levels are provided by the grooves in the glass as they break up the light and cast multiple beams rather than one solid stream of light.

Due to this practical design, these glass shades were once used as street lights and railway lamps. Despite their initial industrial purpose, they now possess a luxurious aesthetic that contributes an element of vintage style and grandeur to modern day interiors, including homes, restaurants and even wedding venues.

Once an industrial cotton mill, The West Mill is now a unique wedding venue featuring Artifact Lighting’s Classic Prismatic Pendant Lights. Providing a soft, even glow, the elegant glass fixtures balance out the warehouse feel to create a charming, rustic setting for weddings and civil ceremonies. The minimal, vintage style of the shades is the perfect combination of heritage and modernity, reflecting the contemporary yet historic venue.

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