Purely Bespoke

Veedon Fleece, now in its third decade, was formed to produce the best hand made carpets and rugs in the then Kingdom of Nepal, without the use of child labour and regardless of cost.

At Veedon Fleece, we are proud of our founder, Adam Gilchrist’s trail blazing stance within the carpet industry over 24 years ago.

When commissioning a Veedon Fleece carpet, there are a few basic points, which generally help produce the perfect end product when designing/commissioning a Veedon Fleece hand woven carpet; as the manufacturers we take these carefully into consideration before we start work.

It is crucial to make people aware of the fact that as a custom weaving house the particular carpet or rug that is being commissioned is a bespoke item designed and produced individually for them, it will not be something that could be selected from a pile of stock items. Because of this we are extremely careful to discuss any point regarding the commission and the many different qualities available ranging from pashmina, silk, veedon and best Tibetan wool.

We find it is important to show quality samples in the actual room where the carpet will eventually be situated – and have been known to fly around the world for our clients!

The weavers themselves are crucial, and can sometimes form a dedicated team of up to 20 people, each with their own skills to complete one design.

Presented with a design or asked to create a design for a home or a commercial setting, firstly colours are agreed – generally after a site visit to see just how the light and space will work with the design. Importantly, at this stage, measurements can be checked to make sure that the very best is being made of the room.

Once the size, design, and colours have been chosen and budget agreed, Veedon Fleece makes samples for the client’s approval. The point paper is then drawn up; a 1:1 cartoon/graph paper and it is this which the weavers will follow to tie the many thousands of knots to complete the commission.

Whilst the point paper is being drawn, the yarns, be they best Tibetan wool, silk, or pashmina, are selected from Veedon Fleece’s stocks, weighed and sent to the dye works for colour matching to the final approved sample. The warp threads are carefully stretched onto the empty steel loom frame and an air of both excitement and anticipation overcomes the chosen weavers.

As each commission is a totally bespoke order, everything in the process of creation is undergone with great attention to detail. The weavers, who could spend anything up to a year weaving one carpet, are chosen and put together in a team. Of course, these weavers will be friends, having worked together for some time, and their individual skills, likes and dislikes when it comes to weaving certain designs are taken into account.

Veedon Fleece’s experienced weavers face a different challenge each time they start a new carpet. Having complete control and responsibility for the creative process, this could be two people working together on a small rug for six to eight weeks or as many as twelve people working on a large palatial silk carpet for anything up to a year. The responsibility is great, especially for large carpets; a momentous undertaking.

These are some of the differences that a bespoke custom weaving house brings; perhaps that’s why Veedon Fleece is the only company supplying purely bespoke hand knotted commissions today.

When looking through their archive of designs, each unique and created for the well advised client by their interior design professional, Veedon Fleece can be justly proud that their rugs and carpets sit quietly in some of the most beautiful and inspirational homes worldwide.

Veedon Fleece – bespoke, timelessly elegant, style not fashion, and built to last.

To see what Veedon Fleece can create for you, visit www.veedonfleece.com

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