Shinola Detroit, the design and manufacturing brand, will make its debut at the award-winning Clerkenwell Design Week in London from May 23rd – 25th. The Detroit-based manufacturer has chosen to collaborate with London materials composer, Giles Miller Studio, to develop “The Bolt” – a large-scale piece of architectural sculpture to be installed within the beautiful setting of St John’s Square in the heart of Clerkenwell, an area steeped with horological significance.

“Shinola is incredibly proud to be a sponsor of Clerkenwell Design Week 2017,” said Daniel Caudill, Creative Director, Shinola Detroit. “Having been in London for two and a half years, we feel now is the right time to demonstrate our design credentials and celebrate our passion of craft. We will be collaborating with UK designer Giles Miller Studio who has comparable values and a shared love for quality design, production, materials, skills and composition.”

Giles has been inspired by the Shinola brand philosophy to create a celebration of craft, in the form of a sculptural façade. His team has interpreted Shinola’s vision of ‘skill at scale’, taking the brands delicate bolt motif and amplifying it eight-thousand times over, to create an impressive curved structure, inspired by supple leathers used in Shinola’s bags and accessories.

The individual components that make up the installation are being machined by Cut-Online ( over a solid five-week production period and are composed individually across an undulating curve, and angled in such a way that viewers can see a peek of the beautiful products therein, but not the full picture. This ‘louvre system’ enables the facade to create an alluring teaser of the beautifully crafted Shinola products for visitors moving around the structure.


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