The Leading Light

Collingwood Lighting is the leading light in the design and manufacture of innovative, high quality LED lighting solutions.

Since manufacturing one of the first dedicated LED lighting products back in 2002, Collingwood Lighting has continued to lead the way in developing cutting edge products that challenge the boundaries of the lighting industry. We are designers first and foremost and as such are committed to making innovative products, delivering outstanding service and striving for excellence.

Established in 1901, the family-run business has a proven history of innovation, achieving many industry firsts, but the major breakthrough came with recognising the potential of LEDs and developing the first dedicated LED lighting product.

We research, develop and test everything. We set the bar for the industry and quality is high. Our vast and extensive range covers every style of LED light imaginable, enabling every space to be beautifully lit with products that are practical, easy to install, have the highest quality of flicker-free light and push the boundaries of energy efficiency. We believe that each stage of the lighting process is crucial and we work closely with interior designers to create amazing lit environments. We regularly develop innovative solutions to make the installation of our products quicker and easier for our customers and their teams.

Working with interior designers and contractors we are able to identify any gaps in the market and develop new cutting-edge technologies to meet those needs. As a result, we are constantly bringing new products to the market; one of those latest products is the new H2 Pro Dusk using innovative dim to warm technology which brings a whole new level of versatility to downlighting.


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