Specialising in the luxury kitchen and interiors market, Senior Designer Dieter Berends adds over 27 years’ experience and knowledge to the team at Urban Interior (www.urbaninterior.co.uk) in London. Dieter studied Interior Architecture and completed a Business degree at BBS Leer Germany and Leibniz University Hannover which led to employment at several premium German and London kitchen studios; Nicolas Anthony, Tsunami, Minotti Cucine and Eggersmann to name a few.


As a retailer, you should be wise to remember to lead the buying public and not just react to it; clear points of difference are what set us all apart and really showcase your own personality and ability to cater to mass markets. Use your showroom as a selling tool, not simply a life-size brochure for the manufacturer – dare to be different!


Take a more advisory role with your client and focus on design creativity and service as this will help achieve a more engaged, receptive buying process. You need to embrace change, work with the skills and service that set you apart from other premium kitchen retailers: ultimately the competition!


With that, Urban Interior has sought partnership with manufacturers that only produce luxury collections, with SieMatic first on our list. From start to finish, clients are involved and made aware of every stage of design; including how the materials are sourced and even transported.


Urban Interior recognise that updating the home is a luxury, so by working with the world’s leading and most aspirational brands around the globe, we ensure a new kitchen or interior design will add real value to both home and lifestyle.


By taking this personalised approach to interior design, we can present our customers with far greater alternatives to achieve that one-off, unique design scheme they’ve always been looking for. From concealment of appliances or toiletries, through to dedicated cooking, living and relaxation zones; every aspect of a room is precisely designed and considered.


Your customer is likely to only buy a new kitchen one to three times in a lifetime and therefore it should be considered as a luxury purchase for the home. Although classic colours such as the iconic white or cream kitchen remain a safe option, the introduction of more daring finishes such as metallic bronze or silver are giving designers like me even more freedom in terms of kitchen design.


Combining handle-less contemporary cabinetry with classic colours and metallic panelling has shown that this type of innovation has propelled home décor towards a fusion of contemporary and classic styling for a more eclectic open-plan look.


As lifestyles adapt and change to open plan living, sleek contemporary handle-less cabinetry, paired with classic muted colours, will continue to grow in popularity. For instance, an open-plan kitchen has become the ideal space for our customers to combine mixed materials to create an elegant and fluid kitchen area. On-trend finishes such as rich wood veneers, glossy cabinets and slim stone worktops, all work in harmony to create a cohesive yet individual look for an open plan environment right now.


White, taupe, and warm grey are popular favourites as they create a timeless look, living past the trends from season to season. SieMatic’s classic collection showcases a clean-cut white kitchen, and offers unique accessories and designs such as brass cooking utensils; allowing you to create individual character and texture.


In terms of storage, kitchen and living spaces that work together is an extremely popular design solution right now for the modern home. This has shown that multipurpose furniture is performing best right now, with designs able to provide hidden storage, conceal work and preparation areas, give additional seating, an out-of-sight laundry room or even a kitchen herb garden.


It is clear to say kitchen storage has changed its role in the home which has seen a rise in clever storage solutions, optimising space and allowing homeowners to neatly store kitchen essentials in concealed drawers. This is ideal for a limited kitchen space that needs to work all year, by creating a kitchen where the ‘necessaries’ remain on-hand, yet out of sight.


As a designer, I appreciate the beautiful form associated with minimalist design, giving focus to exquisite materials and craftsmanship. Creating spaces with a soothing balance between kitchen and home architecture, I select a sensitive colour palette that is reflective of both homeowner and space.


Additionally, I like to embrace the creativity of multi-room design, where kitchen, dining and living space can come together to create one complete look. Celebrating the vision and originality of metropolitan living is a design brief I revel in, where opposing styles and materials collide to create new and individual kitchen interiors.


In contrast, my more traditional clients are privy to my love of bygone eras and beautiful detailing. With them, I try to present authentic luxury underpinned by cutting-edge design where well-defined finishing touches and choice selection of extravagant features all work together to create a kitchen interior that is elegantly timeless.


Urban Interior is an expert in the design and creation of cutting-edge interiors, taking a blanket space and acutely fusing more than one style and function to create a stylised haven to suit the individual. Providing a complete interior solution, we tap in to the latest new materials and trends to create an eclectic yet structured interior style that’s right for the client. Whatever the home, personal style or space requirement, Urban Interior is available to inspire, guide and design your customers a kitchen or bathroom interior that will guarantee to answer the demands of modern life.


This feature appeared in in.Brief, in the May issue of in.Design magazine.

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